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Duration : 2 Months
Skill level: Appropriate for all

Course Description


If you are a computer science graduate or someone who wants to learn Java and looking for some awesome resources e.g. books, tutorials, and online courses or institute located at Lahore then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared some great training and tutorials to learn Java and in this article, I am going to share some of the best Java courses beginners can join to learn Java. One of the main problems with learning Java is to keep pace with increasing number of releases. For example, Java 8 was released in 2014 which completely changed how Java is written and now within last 6 month, we have two major Java releases in form of Java 9 and Java 10. But the good thing is that core of Java is still same and all its releases are backward compatible.

If you are learning Java first time, then it’s very important to choose the online course which is up-to-date, otherwise, you will be left behind in the job market and your day-to-day programming job with outdated skills.

But, before that, let me first congratulate you for making an excellent decision of learning Java, one of the most popular main-stream programming language of the world.

The Java Programming language is been around for more than 20+ years now and it has expanded its reach to almost every single field, from small mobile apps to large banking application running on major Investment banks.

Java is mainly used as a server-side language to create high performance, low latency servers to handle the complex task. Java is really big on Investment banks which uses it to write end-to-end trading applications e.g. front office application for trade capture, middle office applications to handle booking and allocation and back office application for sending confirmations.

Another area where Java really shines is for creating Android applications. Though Google has now declared Kotlin as the official language for Android app development, Java is still quite big and there is no sign of any slowdown in coming years.

>> Complete beginners. We got you covered. We'll start from compilation & interpretation.
>> Programmers switching from other languages
>> Java programmers who are not feeling confident about their existing Java skills
>> Java programmers who want to learn about design principles & best practices. 

>> Any serious programmer should know this stuff!

About The Instructor

Taimoor Muhammad Khan

Taimoor Muhammad Khan

React Native Developer

Taimoor Muhammad Khan is Mentor, who has got expertise in various fields and React Native Development. He teaches online courses to over 1,100 students across the Pakistan. React Native Development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples. He is a Networking Engineer, a building Maps expert, a Blogger and a budding Software development from Pakistan. That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher! For his consistent and timely support to his students in PNY Trainings, he was awarded "Lightning res-ponder" badge.

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