Become a Certified Full Stack Web Developer

Duration : 6 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

Are you looking for the best institute for web development in Lahore? Does building your own websites interest you? Do you love learning programming languages? If your call to these questions is yes, PNY Trainings has the perfect web development courses in Islamabad, Lahore and other major cities.

Our expert trainers will deliver a thorough and foundational introduction to programming and usage of the main building blocks of PHP to create applications. It further goes on to creating web applications in conjunction with all popular web technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, Bootstrap 4, Media Queries, PHP, OOP, MYSQL, and Database. This practically means that you will become a Full Stack Developer.

At PNY Trainings web development institute in Lahore, the Full Stack Web developer course starts with introducing participants with front-end technologies (for example HTM5) and makes them develop responsive one page web applications. Followed by that, it deep dives into MEAN stack components and brings hands-on perspective to building scalable web applications by leveraging the “javaScript everywhere” phenomenon.

So Who Should Enroll in Our Web Development courses in Lahore and other Cities?

•Students of web development

•Website designers and developers who want to go Full Stack

•Anyone interested in a proper certification in web development in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi or any other city

•Professionals already working as web developers who want to learn the latest tools and tricks in the trade

•Employees of web development oriented companies and software houses who want to polish their skills in this field

•People or entrepreneurs who own online stores (or want to build one) and require use of web development to better promote/sell products and services

•Young or beginner developers looking for renowned web development courses in Lahore Pakistan and other major cities

•Front end Developers who want to learn back-end programming and vice versa

•Start-up founders who have never written a line of code.

About The Instructor



Web Designer Developer

Faizan is a top online Mentor, who has got expertise in various fields and PHP Development such as WordPress Expert, Laravel Developer, Web Development Expert. He teaches online courses to over 2,000 students across the Pakistan. His Web Development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples. He is an Software Engineer, a Computer expert, a Blogger and a budding Chartered Accountant from Pakistan. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations. That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher! For his consistent and timely support to his students in PNY Trainings, he was awarded "Lightning res-ponder" badge.

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